Thursday, July 3, 2014

Operation Faroes Killing Bay Begins

Greetings and happy July to all. We are just one day away from Independence Day in the United States and that means it is time for this summer campaign of Operation Bleeding Seas II to ramp up to pace. This blog will now be fully involved in the Anonymous Operation Faroes Killing Bay. The operation is pretty new, but has some of the best minds from Operation Killing Bay and other compassionate activists that have had enough of the annual pilot whale slaughter that takes place in the Faroe Islands. The operation took to Twitter yesterday and the Faroese people were not too thrilled about it. Not only are we obviously protesting their annual gorefest, but we have literally hijacked their island's hashtag #Faroeislands. Some of the Faroese and their friends have already taken notice of us as seen below...

I don't know what the whole stealing beer and food thing was about, but we'll go with it I guess? Anyway. The number one reason I have joined up with this operation is to raise awareness about the Faroe Island whale slaughter. This is basically going to escalate and possibly exceed what Operation Killing Bay was. We have one goal in mind and that is to see these killings stopped. Anonymous will do what they do and I along with other activists will do what we do to get this job done. So Faroe Islands be warned. We have had enough of things like this... WARNING GRAPHIC IMAGES AHEAD!!!!!!

The game is now over for the Faroe Islands. The world will be made aware of these horrific slaughters. They continue to say that it is tradition and family fun. There is no tradition like this in which the highest forms of technology are used. The vikings never had radar, radios, or motorboats. These people are not vikings. These people take absolute pleasure in killing animals that don't even have the anger to fight back. They smile and laugh while they are committing these actions. Not even in Taiji do families get pleasure from killing dolphins. This place is the Taiji of the North and possibly even on a more (didn't think it was possible) horrible scale. Stay tuned as now that Operation Faroes Killing Bay is underway you can expect more Faroe Islands blogs to show up in the near future. You can also expect some new shark blogs incoming as well as Discovery Channel has released their Shark Week programming and of course I feel the need to preview it. Till then stay well everyone!

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