Saturday, July 19, 2014

Operation Bleeding Seas II Playlist 2

Greetings again everyone. Back at the start of this campaign I posted a blog that was largely comprised of videos that I found to be either educational, factual, or useful in one way or another in getting the word out about the animals involved in Operation Bleeding Seas II. Well as a change of pace I will be making a second playlist of videos in this blog. As with the previous set of videos I hope you enjoy them, learn something from them, and spread them far and wide. After the videos I'll have a special announcement regarding something new for the blog!

The first video of the evening is going to be a quick look at why Bluefin Tuna populations in the Mediterranean continue to be in decline despite more protections being put into place.

The fact that these laws are not really being enforced or obeyed comes at no surprise to me and frankly that can be seen all over the world as commercial fisheries do what they need to do to make the most amount of money. Next up is another bluefin tuna video that summarizes the entire problem that the endangered species is facing.

While the bluefin tuna did not go extinct in 2012, this video offers a great insight as to what is going on in the world of the bluefin tuna. These animals are STILL endangered and are STILL facing extreme pressure from all over the world. We may have extended the bluefin past 2012, but extinction is still a very real threat to these animals unless something is done sooner rather than later.

Next up we'll return to the world of sharks. The first shark video of the evening will focus in on what sharks are facing globally and what some real live people who were bitten by sharks are doing as well. Goes to show that life as a person knows it does not have to end following a shark bite.

The only thing I can correct in this video for you is the estimated number of sharks killed annually. This video came out in 2012 while a 2013 study revealed that an estimated 100,000,000 sharks are killed annually. No matter what sharks are in peril and many species are now being pushed to the brink. The next video starts off sad, but is actually quite heartwarming.

It's not everyday that people would free ANY shark from a fishing net. Sadly sharks, including whale sharks are often times caught in nets when they are not supposed to. Lucky for this whale shark the divers found it, but so many more are not this lucky. Whale sharks do become the victims of shark finning operations so do not think for a moment that many fishermen would simply release this animal in Indonesia where this video was filmed. To wrap up the shark videos for this blog.... I feel like ending on a funny/happy note where a whale shark gets some revenge on some fishermen.

No matter how many times I watch that video it makes me smile. That is one happy whale shark by the looks of it! Alright next up is a video about the new Manta Ray sanctuary that was established a short time ago in Indonesia.

So the bittersweet news for the rays continues as they seem to be getting more protection, but at the same time demand for their gill rakers continues to rise. The next video will speak for itself.

This is the animal that I am fighting to save. That and well... This too...

THIS is the animal that I am fighting for. An animal that is so majestic, so beautiful, and so capable of doing incredible things. It is sickening that an animal as gentle and majestic as these rays are being killed for their gill rakers. Remember... The gill rakers have been scientifically proven to do nothing so far for human health, but do contain dangerously high levels of arsenic.

Okay the final video of this blog may disturb some viewers and does need a small intro. Every year the Faroe Islands claim that the pilot whales they kill are to feed the island as part of a tradition. This video destroys that claim as far as I am concerned. The Faroe Island pilot whale slaughter is nothing more than a sick, sick game that an island nation plays.

Shocking isn't it. I figured some were not consumed and were disposed of. Never did I expect this. Once this video was shown to me by a member of the Anonymous Collective it was game over for the Faroe Islands in my eyes. Operation Faroes Killing Bay will be the punishment that the Faroe Islands will have to deal with for these horrible crimes since governments simply refuse to do anything about this wholesale slaughter. If this video disturbed you as much as it did me, feel free to visit and join Operation Faroes Killing Bay. It is open to anyone who wants to make a stand for these animals that are being brutally slaughtered in the name of FUN... Click here to visit Operation Faroes Killing Bay

Well that concludes the second Operation Bleeding Seas II Video Playlist. I hope you were able to take something from at least one of these videos. Feel free to spread the fun of a whale shark stealing fish from a net and manta ray flying through the air. Spread the word about the dangers facing sharks and bluefin tuna by sharing these videos and of course expose the truth of what the Faroe Islands are really doing with many of the whales they kill. Now for a special announcement...

Odds are you don't know this (unless you actually know me), but I am quite the gamer in my free time. Back in 2012, an album was released by Theophany entitled Times End: Majora's Mask Remixed (The original game the music is from is entitled The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask). The final track on that album is entitled "Time's End" and I have been given permission to use that song in a video for this blog! So stay tuned as I have started working on what will be a slideshow video of what this blog is and what it is that it fights for and against. So THANK YOU THEOPHANY for letting me use "Time's End"! Check out their website and like them on Facebook! Till next time everyone!


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