Sunday, July 27, 2014

Operation Bleeding Seas II Update

Greetings again everyone and welcome to what will probably not be the final blog of July, 2014. So here is where we are and where we are going to be heading as we hit the last full month of Operation Bleeding Seas II. Since the start of the operation, this blog has continued to grow which I have to thank all of you for. The blog has reached now over 13,000 viewers. Far more than I could had ever hoped to have reached.

On the fronts of Operation Bleeding Seas II I'll be waiting and watching to comment on Discovery Channel's Shark Week. Also I'll be keeping an eye and ear on any shark news. There are still plenty of shark blogs to come as we continue on here. Sharks are and will always be the number animals of this blog. I'm currently looking into doing a special mako shark blog that will focus exclusively on the situation that is affecting the fastest shark in the world in New Jersey. That blog is in the works now and will probably be up in early August.

News has been pretty quiet on the manta ray front as of late. Still, I would expect a couple more manta ray blogs to come out by the time this operation wraps up. Manta rays are very interesting animals that humans do not know too much about. I might give an education blog a shot on the manta rays to try to give anyone whose interested a better view on what these animals are as opposed to them simply being massive rays.

I am currently working on a bluefin tuna blog as some pretty big news came out a few days ago regarding them. I know the bluefin has not been as large a part of this campaign as I had originally hoped it to be, but for those of you with an interest in these endangered fish, stay tuned because they are (hopefully) coming to Operation Bleeding Seas II very soon!

Recent events in the Faroe Islands have really grasped much of my attention when it comes to this campaign. The Danish military threatening peaceful activists, the Faroese people continuing to insist on killing pilot whales, and Operation Faroes Killing Bay are all things that I've either been participating in or watching very closely. With that being said, things in the Faroe Islands can blow up at anytime. It has been a quiet summer thus far, but the tension in those islands continues to rise and a lot of the anger from the Faroese people is starting to spill over onto the internet where Anonymous thrives. The problem for them is that Anonymous is not on their side. So far Anonymous has really showed patience and restraint in dealing with the obviously angered Faroese people, but that can only last for so long before a statement is made. This coupled with the Danish navy following Sea Shepherd has created an interesting powder keg that could potentially go off the moment a pod of whales is spotted. Despite their differences, I have a hard time believing that Anonymous will simply sit idle if the Faroes kill whales or the Danish navy harms Sea Shepherds. I could be wrong with that, but I just have a hard time believing that would be the case.

On the movie making scene... I've finished a rough run of the first portion of the video for this blog. I still cant say when it will be out since well, blogging, school, work, and other things come before it, but it is coming along!

While I plan on doing more blogs on sharks, manta rays, and bluefin tuna, the Faroe Islands are going to be at the forefront of the campaign from here on in. If things get too dicey over there I may have to shift my focus to just the Faroe Islands and sharks to wrap up the campaign. I've done similar things (without saying anything) in the past with Taiji's dolphin slaughter and West Australia's shark cull. The other animals will still be a part of the campaign, but may wind up more on social media than on the blog if that makes sense to everyone.

We are getting close to the final stretch of Operation Bleeding Seas II. I hope you all are enjoying the ride so far and what has been explored, exposed, etc. There is still plenty more to come as Operation Bleeding Seas II rolls on.  

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