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Hello everyone and welcome to A Voice for the Voiceless. Back in the summer of 2012 I started this blog as a way to try and reach/educate people on sharks and manta rays as well as the issues in the world that those species are having to deal with. It wasn't long after that I decided to start tackling and bringing awareness to other species of marine life as well in the form of dolphins and whales. I've interest in marine life since I was very young, so naturally I continued to do more research and discovered that many species of bony fish including the bluefin tuna were also facing massive threats. So this blog shifted from an education first blog to a conservation first blog where I have tried to keep up with current events that are normally unseen on the news.

I have covered a few things in the past on this blog that my stance has either changed on at this point or I have chosen to no longer cover for one reason or another. I've have had the opportunity to highlight some really great causes put out by some great groups such as the Shark Research Institute, Sea Shepherd Conservation Society, and Anonymous. These are all real people trying to make a difference for a variety of marine life.

The premise of this blog is simple. I want to increase awareness of the issues that these animals are facing on a daily basis. After all, we are literally the cause of all of their problems. I use photos, videos, and any other means that I can think of to try and get more people to understand what these animals are facing.

Thank you and I really hope you gain more of an awareness for the issues that are facing our ocean's wildlife worldwide!

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