Sunday, November 24, 2013

Turning the Tide in Taiji

Hello once again everyone. To say that is has been a busy few days is a complete understatement. Conservation groups all over the world have once again shifted their eyes to Taiji, Japan. Sea Shepherd Conservation Society, Anonymous, Dolphin Project, and a number of other smaller organizations have all stepped up the fight to put an end to the slaughter in Taiji. Dolphin Project and Sea Shepherd's Cove Guardians remain on the ground in Taiji, documenting and photograph the horror that is the cove. Meanwhile, Anonymous and an unknown number of civilians (myself included) prepare to strike at Taiji from all angles. Whether it be Anonymous literally attacking Japanese websites, or citizens flooding Japanese websites, facebooks, twitters, etc, the point will be made. We all want the slaughter of dolphins to end. We are tired of sitting idle hoping and asking for Japan to stop the slaughter on their own. It is clear now that after a few years of the world knowing of this slaughter, Japan has no intention on putting this barbaric practice to rest.

Japan claims that the slaughter is tradition and that it helps to feed the country. My response is that traditions die. Slavery was a tradition in the United States, but that came to an end. Back in the old days, it was tradition to burn widows. That ended. The fact of the matter is traditions can change and they certainly can end. The feed the country excuse is pathetic as well. If the intention was truly to help ensure the survival of the Japanese people for the long haul, the Japanese government would not be cramming dolphin meat into cans of tuna, labeling dolphin meat as larger whale meat, or trying to force dolphin meat into school systems. I've written several blogs as to the real drive behind the slaughter and where the Japanese make the most profit, so I am not going to touch on that here.

The response of the Japanese on the increased pressure has been nothing short of infuriating. It's almost as if the response to Anonymous, Sea Shepherd, and the others is nothing more than more brutality and killing. In the past 40 or so hours, over 50 dolphins have been slaughtered with just one having been taken into captivity. What's worse is according to the Cove Guardians, these killing were done "without haste or hesitation". The Japanese continue to show no signs of stopping, but we I will join the many who have now chosen to no longer and quietly sit and do nothing to try and stop this slaughter. Blogging about it is one thing, taking direct action is another and is something I strongly urge anyone who is reading this blog to do. How you may ask? There are multiple ways. Obviously not all of us are not technologically gifted enough to be able to perform the work that Anonymous does or have the ability to get to Japan and do the work that the Cove Guardians and Project Dolphin does. What we do have though is the internet to use as a weapon.

Social media, now more than ever should be use to help put a stop to these killings. Taking a wild guess here, but I'm guessing most of you who are reading this have Facebook or Twitter. If so take action! Speak out against these killings and use any of the following hashtags.
Join us all on November 30th, 2013 at 6:00pm Tokyo Time (4:00am EST) in a twitter storm hosted by Anonymous as we aim to flood as many newsfeeds, twitter feeds, media feeds, and anything else in protest of the slaughter using the above hashtags. Keep yourself informed on what is happening in the Cove and continue to fire at the slaughter with these hashtags both before and after December 1st. It doesn't take long to make your voice heard. The best thing for civilians like you and I to do is to do exactly what can be found on this website. Use this as your guide to battle. For us civilians it is the best that we can do to support those on the front lines of this war.

While many of us are fed up with this slaughter, a greater number of people don't even know it is happening. You might be surprised as to what a single tweet or Facebook post can do to a network of people. You never know whose attention you may grab. The time to sit by and read this blog, look at photos, and read about the slaughter has passed. It is time to make a difference in the world. Fight to save these animals. Lets all show the Taiji murderers that the world has seen enough to want this slaughter to end. The time has arrived to turn the tide in Taiji!

Due to #OpKillingBay I have decided to make a Twitter account. The account has the sole purpose of spreading awareness for the same thing that I spread awareness for on here. That would be sharks, whales, dolphins, manta rays, and bluefin tuna. Please feel free to head on over to and follow along. However I do ask that you please not be offended if I do not follow back. This twitter is not meant to be a personal twitter, it is specifically for this blog and anything conservation related so I'll only be following and retweeting things from conservation groups and organizations involved in conservation. Stay tuned right here or on twitter or facebook for more updates on #OpKillingBay in the coming days.

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