Sunday, November 24, 2013

Proven Fact: Baby Dolphins Need Their Families to Survive!

While good things appear to be happening for sharks and mantas, the dolphins of Taiji are dealing with more of the same. In the times span of 40 hours, over 50 dolphins have been killed. Today, due to weather, there was no hunt, but that did not stop the day from being sad.
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This baby Risso's Dolphin washed up today on the shore. It is believed to be from a pod of dolphins that were murdered on 11/20. In what seems to be becoming a more common trend in Taiji, the Japanese fisherman have been chasing the baby dolphins of the pods back out to sea. They are probably doing this to try and appease activists who continue to document the killing and to show the world that Japan doesn't want to kill all dolphins. Realistically though they are killing those babies. Dolphins are not fish. They are not sharks. They are not rays, the are MAMMALS. Just like you and I, these animals are incredibly dependent on their mothers when they are young. Without them, their chances of survival, just like ours would be in the wild, are slim to none. Yet the Japanese fisherman continue to drive these babies without their families back out to sea where they are uncoordinated, frightened, depressed, and most likely mentally destroyed. Some say it's a nice thing that the fisherman do. I say it's as disgusting as the slaughter itself. Basically what this is is taking a baby and leaving it in the middle of the woods and telling it to go grow up and thrive. It does not take a rocket scientist to figure out what is going to happen to that baby.

This cannot be allowed to continue. The answer is not bringing the babies into captivity either. The answer is simple. STOP THE KILLING. There is no reason in the world for a baby to have to watch it's family murdered and then be forced to try and survive on it's own. There is not a reason in the world and if this was a situation of man on man violence, I couldn't even imagine the public outcry. The media would be all over it. So why are they not all over this? Why has there still been virtually no mention of the killings. There have been news reports about Anonymous targeting Japanese websites over the killing, but where is the coverage of the madness itself? Why has the media remained as silent as Sea World on this issue as conservation group after conservation group continues to report to as many people as they can reach? I don't have the answers to that. I really wish I did, but I don't. All I know is that on November 30th, at 4:00am EST Twitter and Facebook will be flooded with statuses, tweets, etc using hashtags such as #ShutTaijiDown, #Tweet4taiji, and #OpKillingBay. Hopefully this storm will generate enough to get some major news network to pick the slaughter up. For now though, I implore you to continue bombarding as many media networks as possible. CNN, Fox, NBC, Al Jazeera, it doesn't matter. This slaughter needs to be brought to the attention of the public as many of them are still blind to it. Things like what is pictured above have no place in our world.

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