Saturday, November 30, 2013

Operation Kibou Update

Greetings again everyone. I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving. This will be the first of probably two, possibly even three blogs that I'll be doing over the next 24 hours. This one is just a brief update as to what is going on with Operation Kibou. So lets get to it.

Sharks: There hasn't been too much happening when it comes to big news in shark conservation. However I do feel the need to do another blog on shark attacks since once again I had the news on and they were ranting about a shark attack in Australia. Someday I hope not to have to respond to these news reports and that someday people will understand just how and why they happen. Along with that news item, ICCAT has denied an EU proposal at creating catch limits for shortfin mako sharks and to prohibit the retention of porbeagle sharks. Another proposal that would have given more strength to the ICCAT ban on shark finning was also denied, but has gained some new supporters from ICCAT nations. We'll have to see what happens the next time these countries meet, but this is certainly not the best of news for sharks. There is also a new documentary coming out called Extinction Soup. The trailer can be viewed here

I also want to add that this blog is still a shark first blog. It always has been, it always will be. I've gotten a few people asking me about it and, though I'm giving a ton of attention to Taiji right now, this blog, and myself, remain fully dedicated to fighting for sharks. Speaking of Taiji...

Dolphins: There is a ton happening right now when it comes to dolphins (including orcas). As I type this blog, yet another pod of dolphins are being driven to their deaths off the coast of Taiji. December 1st is when Anonymous has declared a day of action against Taiji. The dolphin killers continue to slaughter any and all dolphins that are not chosen for a life in captivity. This is happening right now and it needs to stop. CNN's airing of Blackfish has brought attention back to The Cove and it is attention that should not again be allowed to fall to the wayside. While things are somewhat quiet regarding sharks, I will continue to post often about what is going on in Taiji.

Whales: Sea Shepherd continues to gear up for yet another year of battle between themselves and the Japanese Whaling Fleet. Expect more whaling blogs to be popping up in the near future as the Southern Ocean once again becomes a battleground.

So like I said at the start of this blog, this is just a quick little update as to what is going on on all three fronts of Operation Kibou. Expect to see a shark blog or two pop up over the next couple days along with an update on Anonymous's OpKillingBay as their day of action is tomorrow!

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