Monday, November 18, 2013

Japan to Come Under Fire by Hacktivists

Well there is an interesting title for you right? Well it seems that another organization has decided to step up and take part in the fight against the Taiji dolphin slaughter. That organization is a group of hackers who call themselves Anonymous. The words of Anonymous to the Japanese Government is quite simple to summarize. Stop the killing of dolphins in Taiji or come under attack. These guys mean business and have attacked several government agencies as well as the company known as Sony and even crippled the FBI's website. Anonymous has apparently had enough of the dolphin slaughter and have launched OpKillingBay.

Their warning states...

"Government of Japan, we have been watching you and your sick actions from a very long time. Despite several pleas from the international community, you have not stopped butchering these mammals, for your personal gains. You are putting your people's lives at risk by allowing them to consume whale meat. Not only that, you have brought great shame upon Japan by performing these acts.
"This is our final warning, STOP these slaughters IMMEDIATELY, or get ready to face the extent of our wrath."
Anonymous is also threatening to reveal intercepted Japanese Government transmissions that tell of a program entitled DevoX. This program apparently includes the sale of dolphin meat disguised as tinned tuna! The program apparently includes the Government of Taiji bribing the central Government to allow them to export the dolphin to Western buyers. This news is startling to say the least if it turns out to be true and does nothing but further prove the disgusting corruption and desperation that fuels part of this slaughter.
It is great to see that people are really starting to take action against this horrific slaughter. Whether or not you are for these cyber attacks is irrelevant. More and more people are taking a stand against this slaughter yet the Government of Japan simply allows it to continue and become more corrupt. At this point it's not even about the money. For example, Sea Shepherd offered to purchase dolphins that were brought into the killing cove, yet the Taiji fisherman wanted nothing of it. I just cannot for the life of me figure out what the true motivation is now behind this slaughter, but regardless it needs to come to an end. If it takes people ripping down websites to get a point across. So be it. Apparently the majority of the world opposing the slaughter and countless activists doing all they can to put an end to it is not enough. 
The following two videos are the warnings to Japan...

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