Sunday, June 22, 2014

The Ocean is not "Shark Infested"

Greetings again everyone. This blog was not written by me. I have once again asked Chelsey to type up a blog and she decided to do one on the term "shark infested". So by now I would think you guys and gals know who she is as she's done a few blogs here now so here it is!

The Ocean is Not “Shark-Infested”

Hi guys! It’s me, Chelsey, again. I wrote the blog “Why I Hate Pandas” a little while ago, and just wanted to say thanks to everyone who read it! This blog is a short PSA about the use of the phrase “shark-infested”. Stop saying it. Why? It promotes false information, and man, does that annoy me.

With summer here, and people heading to the beach, we’re going to start hearing things like “this beach is shark-infested!” all over the place. To answer the question, “Why should we stop saying the ocean is shark-infested?”, I will use the help of clipart I found on Google:

The ocean is THEIR home! They live there. Get over it.  In fact, sharks are an important part of the ecosystem. They should not be referred to as pests, as implied by the word “infestation”. Sharks are a sign of a healthy ocean.

So what do I suggest? Get your facts straight. Sharks don’t infest the ocean, they already live there. The poor things don’t need any more negative press than they already have. They are victims of overfishing, finning, and other horrific practices. Give them a break. Can we just say “shark-inhabited waters” instead?

Let me throw some statistics at you. Sharks kill fewer than 4 people on average per year, worldwide. Humans kill an estimated 100 million sharks annually ( So let’s take it day-by-day. Every single day, worldwide:  
People kill 200,000 sharks
People kill 1,300 people
Sharks kill 0.011 people

We are the real monsters here.  Next time you go into the ocean, remind yourself that you should be more afraid of the other swimmers and surfers around you than the sharks. And watch out for falling coconuts, because they kill more people annually than sharks do, too.

You’ve been a wonderful audience- give yourselves a round of applause! Thank you so much for reading.

Well folks there you have a little blog as to why we all really should stop using the term "shark infested". You could probably guess that I agree with that statement 110%. So here's some big news! Chelsey has actually set up her own blog. Hopefully she will still be able to one a few here and there on this blog as they are quite a bit different than my own, but still deliver some strong messages. Her blog covers all different kinds of animals including but not limited to wolves, sharks, giraffes, and even bats. I strongly encourage each of you to check her blog out as she is going to have a lot of really good stuff on there in the future! Right now it is still brand new, but it has endless potential! So I will leave the link for her blog here. Again, I seriously hope that you will all check it out especially if you are into land animals! So head on over and check out

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