Sunday, June 22, 2014

Plastering the Faroe Islands Into Your Mind

Greetings everyone and welcome once again. Today's first blog is going to be a bit different from normal. Even the title of the blog is kind of strange, but today I will be introducing those of you who are not aware of a place known as the Faroe Islands. For those of you who have heard of it, you probably can take a wild guess as to what this blog is going to be about. This will probably be my only blog on the Faroe Islands from this point on in this operation as #OpKillingBay2 will be starting to ramp up in the near future and the summer is usually chock full of shark and manta ray stuff to talk about as well. So, if you would like to keep updated on the Faroe Islands after this blog, you can follow me on Twitter @Voiceforsharks or visit for more information.

The Faroe Islands as seen below is an island chain controlled by Denmark. These beautiful islands hold a terrible tradition that the vast majority of the world would view as simply barbaric if they knew of it. Yes, much like Taiji, Japan, the Faroe Islands are home to a dark, dark, secret that the world is slowly becoming aware and enraged by.

Every year, the Faroese people commit atrocities that rival those taking place every year in Taiji. The murder of hundreds of dolphins and pilot whales. The people of these little islands take part in drive hunts very similar to those in Taiji, but there are a couple key differences. One. There are zero prisoners and zero survivors. Two. This is a family affair. While the horrors of Taiji are committed by a small group of fishermen and members of various dolphin parks around the world, this slaughter is deemed a tradition for the whole family. Yes that does include women and children as well.

This slaughter takes place as a part of Faroese "tradition" that apparently dates back many many years. The Faroese claim that they are killing the whales to feed the people of the islands. While that may be partly true as people in the islands to eat the whales, the whale meat is also used for other things such as animal feed and fertilizer. Last time I checked dogs, cats, and other domestic animals do not eat dolphins or small whales so I really see no need for the whales to be used in any of those products... Again, I say that the claim that they are trying to feed the islands is partly true as there is a large number of pilot whale carcasses that have been simply discarded in dumpsters throughout the islands and mass underwater graveyards of rotting corpses of dead pilot whales have been discovered. That does not sound like a island chain trying to feed it's people. To top it off, back in 2008 Faroese health officials, yes Faroese health officials had deemed the exact same whale meat that is supposed to be feeding the islands as unfit for human consumption due to mercury content. So the claim that the people of these islands need to kill these animals to ensure their own survival is complete trash. The claims that the killings occur to feed the islands is partly true as there are Faroese people who still consume the meat against the better judgement of their own health officials. Take that with a grain of salt as it does not sound like the majority of people in the islands actually are eating what they are killing.

Before I fill up your computer screen with absolutely horrific images of what the Faroe Island massacres are all about I'd like to quickly touch on tradition. I did a blog a while back targeting the Japanese Whaling Fleet. In that blog I mentioned how going to Antarctica to hunt whales in massive metal ships with radar, engines, exploding tip harpoons, etc etc was not really a tradition of any kind. The same thing applies here. Since Denmark has such a massive influence over these islands, the islands enjoy some of the best technologies in the world. We are not talking about Vikings going out in row boats as signaling each other with fire or smoke signals or anything like that. No, we are talking about a people who have access to the same technologies as say Taiji. They have motor boats, radar, cell phones, and even helicopters that help them in their "traditional" hunt. Ladies and gentlemen I am sorry, but those pieces of equipment do not equal traditional to me. No this has become a modern day massacre that is being advertised as traditional and to feed the islands when in reality it is purely for as many Faroese people have come out and publicly said "family fun".  Don't believe me? Here is what was said by a couple Faroese people as seen by a member of the Anonymous Collective.

Again, this is not a tradition anymore. If they got rid of all the technology and resorted to row boats, smoke signals, and no real way to bring entire pods to shore, then I could potentially see where the tradition in this exists. As of now though, I simply cannot. I cannot for the life of me grasp how a family of four (two adults and 2 children) can go down to the shores with knives, hooks, and spears in hand and as a family stab a small whale to death and then celebrate what they have done as tradition after technologically updated motorboats with radar have herded the animals right to them. That is not how people lived hundreds of years ago. Hundreds of years ago a whale being killed would have been celebrated not as a family affair, but as a celebration that that one family had something to eat. Nowadays the Faroe Islands enjoy the same foods that many other European nations and they have it delivered to them. Again, this is no longer about feeding families. This has just become a sick, sick game. The Faroese people are blinded by these claims of tradition and they even know what they are doing is wrong. If they didn't why would every time Sea Shepherd patrols their waters would they stop killing? They know what they are doing is wrong and now that Sea Shepherd has returned to the Faroe Islands the question is will these people again try to hide the "tradition" that they are so proud of?

Those are questions that we will have to wait and see. If you have read enough and have somewhat of a grasp on the situation now, then I suggest you do not scroll beyond this point. If you have yet to grasp the magnitude of what the Faroe Island whale slaughters are all about then proceed with caution. VERY graphic images lie ahead.... Thank you for reading. The next blog will be written by Chelsey about the words "Shark Infested". It's kind of a PSA about the term so stay tuned for that coming up later today. For now though tak a deep breath and prepare yourself for what you are about to see...

*********** FINAL WARNING**********************

Every year the people of the Faroe Islands engage in horrible slaughters of pilot whales known as "Grinds"

The whales are killed by having their throats slit, heads cut, and intestines spilled.

Denmark's beautiful Faroe Islands see their bays fill with the blood of nearly 1,000 whales every summer.

After the killings, families stroll through the carcasses of those who were just killed.

Children get in on the action as well as the slaughter occurs all around them.

Faroese young and old work together in the name of family fun.

No whale is spared. Unborn babies are spilled onto the ground.

Smile with friends and family in water soaked with the blood of slaughtered whales. This is not how it was hundreds of years ago.

The kids even get to have "fun" with the whales.

Forget pictures with Santa or the Easter Bunny. In the Faroe Islands pictures with dead whales are the way to go....

Literally hundreds of people will engage in the mass slaughter of pilot whales in the Faroe Islands.

Children watching their proud parents continue to slaughter pilot whales... While standing on one like it was a piece of cement.

This sums up everything about the Faroe Island massacre. Here we have a young child smiling while holding a pilot whale fetus that never had a chance at life.... and smiling about it.

We are the only ones who can stop this. Spam these pictures far and wide. Google more of them. Throw them on Facebook, Twitter, and other social media sites. Show the world what these little islands are doing. Sea Shepherd has returned to the Faroe Islands. The time to fight these people has never been better. It is not a tradition. It is not trying to change something that has been around for hundreds of years. It is an attempt at ending a modern day slaughter made possible largely by non traditional technologies that never existed during the traditional hunts. This is not tradition. This is mass slaughter for sheer entertainment. Operation Bleeding Seas II continues..........



  1. amazing ..a supposedly evolved people ...then there is northern ireland ....i could see barbaric in parts of , say africa , or jungles of south america .. but even then , the more primitive ones would surely eat or make use of that which they killed ....jmo

    1. Explain what Northern Ireland has to do with this Dugg?

  2. This is way more humane than what's going on in the slaughterhouses in YOUR country. FYI we dont kill dolphins, and it's 800 whales not 1000. Meat doesn't grow in the grocery store, and the pollution of YOUR country probably kills more whales than the Faroese has ever done.
    This is just emotions and 150 billion animals dies every year.

  3. Sadly, nowadays pollution is inevitable and indeed, it kills thousands of animals and humans. Abbattoirs are inhumane, but killing the whales this way is inhumane too. It is no argument to say "this is way more human"... This is a bloody and ruthless "tradition", just like the rest of murderous traditions in every country.

  4. Whatever your thoughts on hunting whales, I'd like to point out that the author is so deep in their own rant that they've made some astonishingly offensive remarks. The idea that traditions are no longer valid because people use modern conveniences is not only ridiculous, it's racist. All over the world, indigenous peoples use modern conveniences, incorporating them into their daily lives. The Gwich'in people ride snowmobiles and live in houses. The Masai use modern medicine. the idea that using technology negates their traditional or cultural status is about nothing except your outdated colonial concept of what "natives" look like. It doesn't sound like a tradition to you? So what. What would you know about it, esp as someone so clearly set against their hunting practices. I've never been to the Faroes, so I can't speak to the nature of the hunting and whether it's excessive/necessary etc. But you've betrayed an astonishing lack of sensitivity that leads me to believe that rather than being an objective watchdog, you're a closeminded alarmist who sees only what fits into your rhetoric. Therefore, I won't share these pictures, and I won't be reading your blog again.

    1. Well... First of all, if you were to look around on this blog you'll see that my views on this topic have changed after speaking directly to people living in the Faroes, so I'd like to think that I have a bit more of an idea about this topic now than when I first posted this. That's a big part of why I don't even consider this a topic of discussion anymore. Closeminded alarmist? Sure perhaps this particular entry gives off that feel, but if you were to look around at other blogs, I'm sure you'll find many others are too.

      The only reason this blog remains here is because it was part of a bigger movement mostly headed by the Anonymous Collective that wound up having quite the impact on the Faroes. I'm not going to be political correct about things that at the time I believed. It's a topic that is no longer covered here after I dove deeper into the situation rather than just listening and doing what I was told to do. Ie this blog. Enjoy reading whatever blog you head to next!