Saturday, March 15, 2014

The Shark Holocaust of West Australia Continues

Greetings again everyone. I hope you are all doing well. First I have some good news of a sort I guess. I have to apologize to you all on something. It has come to my attention that I made a slight error on a previous blog entitled "West Australia's Government Gets it's Prize.... For Now...". Actually it was a rather large error. The news that I had reported on was in a sense fabricated. The white shark that was caught and killed in Australia was not off of West Australia, it was off of the Gold Coast of Australia on the Eastern side of the continent. I apologize to all of you for the false information and I can promise you all that it will not happen again. I try to bring you guys accurate news coupled with my own opinions and well in this case, I failed at that. So now here is an update on what is really going on in West Australia's Shark Cull.

The holocaust against the species of shark known as the tiger shark continues to ravage the tiger shark populations off of West Australia. The only thing that is becoming apparent in this cull is that the tiger shark is playing a very important role in the ecosystem off of West Australia. I am seriously starting to wonder just how much of an impact this cull is really going to have. It is now estimated that over 100 tiger sharks have been killed in this cull. West Australians for Shark Conservation put out a very, well harrowing graphic that paints a perfect picture of the results of this cull so far...

Remember... This cull was designed originally to catch white sharks. So far zero of them have been caught, at least zero that have been listed. It is possible that an undersized great white was misidentified as a blacktip shark. That is a possibility though and nothing more. Also notice that there have been zero bull sharks killed. This chart just further paints the picture that this cull is a failure. They wanted to catch this massive great white that was terrorizing the beach visitors. Well, they have not done it yet. All they have done is slaughter a species that has not committed any violence towards humans in West Australia for over 70 years.

Earlier today, images surfaced of a real tragedy at sea in this cull. Yet another large tiger shark was caught, shot, and then dropped to the bottom of the sea. I warn you, this image is quite graphic.

These two photos really paint the perfect picture of this cull. This shark was shot not once, but twice. Vomited up it's stomach, and then while still alive, was dumped out at sea. Talk about the definition of horrific. This is the kind of stuff that needs to end. There is no excuse for any animal in the sea or on land to have to endure this kind of torture. This is not a quick and painless death. This is a death that should be reserved for the worst kinds of people. This is the kind of stuff that you would see in crazy Halloween murder movies. It's simply horrible. By all rights, the tiger shark should not even be a part of this cull, but sadly they are. The West Australian Government continues to be totally inept as to the way they are handling this cull. The politicians still believe that they are making the beaches safer. I honestly fail to believe how killing an animal that has not killed a single person in over 70 years has any business being killed.

So that is what is going on in this cull now. The holocaust against the tiger sharks of West Australia are in deep, deep trouble for literally no legit reason. They should not be being killed, but the government just absolutely does not comprehend that these animals have not been involved in a fatal attack in over 70 years! Again, I have to apologize for the incorrect information that was posted in an earlier blog. The blog has since been removed and it will not be happening again. Stay tuned for the big finale blog of Operation Kibou!

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