Sunday, March 30, 2014

Operation Bleeding Seas II Conservation Playlist Number 1

Greetings everyone. I've decided that for Operation Bleeding Seas II I will be posting a few blogs with several videos about the conservation of manta rays, sharks, bluefin tuna, as well as videos on the Faroe Islands whale slaughter. This is the first of those blogs. Not too much to say about them before you watch. You'll have to watch to understand what each of them are about. I will warn you, some of the footage may be graphic. At the same time though, as you watch, keep in mind that these are things going on in our world. These are the fights that we need to step up in. These animals cannot ensure their own survival alone. It is up to us to spread the word about each of these plights and help put an end to the killings in anyway we can. With that being said we will start off with the video entitled Manta Ray of Hope.

While on the topic of manta rays, here is another video highlighting the plight of the manta ray entitled  Manta Ray of Hope- Global Threat to Manta and Mobula Rays

Lastly on the manta front for today, a public service announcement by the founder Virgin Group (which contains more than 400 companies) Sir Richard Branson. The video is entitled Sir Richard Branson PSA- Protect Manta Rays

From manta rays I'll move to a couple shark videos. Sharks are one of the most important animals in the world and their numbers are literally crashing as overfishing continues to see populations decline worldwide. The first video some of you may have seen back in 2008 during CNN's Planet in Peril series. This video is entitled Wild Aid- Planet in Peril: Shark Finning

The next video is what happened when insanely popular chef Gordon Ramsay ate shark fin soup for the first time. If you are a fan or have heard of the good chef, you will without a doubt not want to miss this. The video is entitled Gordon Ramsay eats Shark Fin Soup for the first time!

While on the note of public service announcements, I'll wrap up the shark videos for today with a public service announcement from Yao Ming, a former NBA star! The video is entitled WildAid PSA- Yao Ming: Shark Fin Soup.

In the Faroe Islands there is a slaughter that takes place every year. The slaughter of pilot whales in the Faroe islands is nothing more than a massacre that takes place basically as a celebration of past culture. It has no real part in the world today as the Faroe Islands no longer rely on the whales as a food source, rather as just a means to celebrate in an extremely brutal way. Here is a short rundown of the controversial slaughter entitled Faroe Whale Cull- Faroe Islands

On a not so controversial note, bluefin tuna populations around the world continue to decline. Now we are in danger of losing this amazing fish forever. Once gone, things will never be the same which is why we need to act now to save these animals. The final video in this blog is a clip from a documentary Track of the Tuna.

So this brings the first video playlist blog of Operation Bleeding Seas II to a close. I hope you found these videos interesting. I'm not quite sure yet as to how many of these blogs I will do, but this was a test run of a new idea for this blog. Time will tell if I keep doing these or not, but for now expect more in the future. Thank you all for reading and watching. The next blog of Operation Bleeding Seas II will probably be an introduction blog to the plight of sharks.

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