Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Welcome to Operation Sadistic Truths

In our world, there are slaughters going on in the seas. Some of the world's most majestic creatures are being ruthlessly hunted down for money. This campaign will expose these slaughters for what they really are, an series of unsustainable practices that really have no place in the world today. The main focus of this campaign will be on three different animals, dolphins, whales, and sharks. All three of these animals are being hunted to extinction. It is up to man to fix this, but first, they all must become aware of these slaughters. For right now, I will give a brief overview on each slaughter and from now through March 2013, I will go into more and more detail about the slaughters and current events regarding each of them.

Dolphins: Several days ago in the small town of Taiji, Japan, the annual dolphin slaughter began. Every year, hundreds of dolphins are slaughtered in this one town for multiple reasons. Following the documentary, "The Cove", more and more people have become aware of what is truly going on in the town of Taiji. The dolphins are slaughtered for consumption. Most people see no problem with killing to eat, but there are some  major issues with how this slaughter happens, its sustainability, and exactly what the true objective of the slaughter is. This will become a trend in all three slaughters, that of course would be for profit. The barbaric way in which the fisherman go about killing these creatures is simply cruel and in all counts unusual.

Whales: Every year, Japan sends a whaling fleet down to the Southern Ocean Whale Sanctuary to pillage it of its Minkie Whale population. Along with the Minkies, the whalers also target endangered fin and humpback whales. Whaling has been a part of the culture of Japan for many years, but over the last decade the vast majority of the country have gained a new view on whaling. Currently sitting in multiple warehouses in Japan rests the meat of whales that were killed two years ago. Simply put, whale meat is no longer selling in Japan, so the question is what is the motivation now behind the whaling fleet? Again... Money.

Sharks: Around the world, millions of sharks are being killed exclusively for their fins. The primary motivation behind this slaughter is again money. Many species of shark are now threatened with extinction while others have become endangered species. This slaughter is largely unregulated and virtually any shark that is caught by sharks finners will be finned regardless of species or age. Shark fin soup, a soup that is chicken or beef flavored, is usually the end result of shark finning. The shark's fin adds a gelatinous texture to the soup, but adds no nutritional value at all. Previously served only by the Emperor of China, shark fin soup has exploded into a major issue in the world today. People are now only starting to realize the damage shark finning is causing. The race is on to save these animals.

All of these animals desperately need our help before they are lost forever. Join the fight to save these animals by spreading the word about their plights. Stay tuned as the sadistic truths of the seas are revealed.  

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