Monday, September 24, 2012

PG&E Seeks to Decimate Wildlife Off of California

Pacific Gas and Electric is seeking to do underwater seismic testing off the coast of California to ensure that the operation of a nuclear power plant continues. The plant, named Diablo Canyon, is situated right on an active earthquake fault. What PG&E is seeking to do is unleash seismic shockwaves for 90 miles along central California's coast to help geologists map out the fault. One PG&E representative stated “the proposal calls for a 240-foot ship to tow a quarter-mile wide array of twenty 250 decibel “air cannons,” along a 90-mile stretch of California’s Central Coast. The cannons will shoot deafening underwater explosions once every twenty seconds, day and night, for 42 days and nights." 

What does this all mean to the wildlife off of California. Devastation. Nothing more, nothing less. Any animal that is anywhere near these air cannons will be basically shredded. This includes whales, dolphins, sharks, rays, turtles, otters, sea lions, seals, and fish. What will these tests do to the animals? It's really simple. In the case of sharks, rays, and other animals with gills the air will blast through them causing massive internal bleeding. Seals, sea lions, whales, turtles, and other air breathers with have their lungs basically burst. At the mouth of the air cannons there is going to be a 240dB blast that would easily take away the hearing of any animal, including humans. This is a huge problem for animals such as dolphins and whales that rely so much on their ability to hear each other and other animals. How do we know that this is a sure thing? Other places around the world have used this type of testing and the results of the maps were only moderate, however, the damage to the wildlife was severe. For weeks after the testing marine animals including dolphins, whales, and various fish washed up with blood coming from their ears, eyes, and mouth. These are major signs of severe internal bleeding that were found to be the result of the tests. 

Within the testing area is the Point Buchon State Marine Reserve. Environmentalists suspect that these tests will wipe out the entire reserve which contains many species of  whale including the incredible rare blue whale, humpback whales, pygmy sperm whales, along with a wide variety of other marine mammals and fish. The fear is that every animal, right down to plankton will be destroyed in the reserve. Outside of the reserve, PG&E have virtually admitted that they will wipe out a ton of marine life. They did this by offering local fishing companies compensation for their impending catch losses. 

These tests are a really ill conceived plan to keep a nuclear power plant operating right on top of an active fault. The tests are not going to be able to map out the fault the way PG&E would like them to, which is evidenced by past tests in other regions. In the end, thousands, if not millions of animals could die for a moderately effective test that will do nothing but ensure that the Diablo Canyon power plant continues to operate a little longer. The tests are scheduled to begin in November and run through December. This is a HUGE threat to all forms of Oceanic wildlife living off the coast of California. Please take the time to contact Senator Sam Blakeslee and ask him to reconsider his bill because seismic testing is too destructive to proceed at:

Senator Sam Blakeslee
4066 State Capitol
California 95814  

Visit for more information on this new threat to the wildlife off of California or stay tuned here for updates on the situation as they become available.

Update: 10/3/2012

Time continues to tick down for the wildlife off the coast of California. As if on cue, there have been a few ominous signs appearing about the fate of the wildlife in the area.  In Uruguay, three orcas have washed up on shore, dead. The large dolphins appear to have been the victims of seismic testing. Seismic testing is taking place in an area where a future oil rig will stand and the death toll on the local wildlife is currently unknown. None the less, the fate of the three orcas is evident. Blood coming from their eyes, mouths, and blowholes. Seismic testing will continue in Uruguay for some time, but there is huge questions as to what will happen to the wildlife in the area. Chances are they will suffer the same fate that the animals of California will face if seismic testing begins there. Unlike the United States, there isn't really a large number of people who are aware as to what is going on in Uruguay. The people of the United States can simply not allow the seismic testing off of California to commence. Please contact the above Senator and help countless sea animals including whales, dolphins, seals, sharks, turtles, and countless species of fish.

Visit for more information on this new threat to the wildlife off of California or stay tuned here for updates on the situation as they become available.

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