Sunday, July 8, 2012

Quick Operation Bleeding Seas Update

With the creation of this blog I feel like so far Operation Bleeding Seas is my most successful awareness campaign so far! I'm noticing that more people are starting to read the blogs to which I must say thank you all! So far I have blogged about mostly sharks, but also about whales. Sharks will continue to be the focal point of the campaign and expect to see stuff about manta rays popping up a lot more soon as well.

I've said it once and I will say it again and again, my goal is to make at least one person realize what we are doing to the creatures that live in the Oceans and have that one person tell another. The chain reaction can be something spectacular.

From the war to save sharks, to saving whales in the Southern Ocean, to saving the most gentle of rays, to saving an animal whose intelligence rivals our own... I will not stop and I will not be silenced until things in this world change. People can focus on who's running what country and who's causing wars all they want. Despite all of that one thing will not change. If the Oceans continue to be destroyed the way they are now, nothing else will matter because each and every one of us are going to suffer the most dire of consequences for our actions. The food chain is something that is taught very early in school and it is something that we as humans take for granted and interject ourselves into where we have no business being.

So thank you all again for reading so far and I do hope you continue to read and help spread the word about our bleeding seas. Any feedback is welcomed!

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