Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Confirmed: Sharks Live in the Atlantic Ocean

Over the past few days I've seen several news stories here in New Jersey claiming that sharks have been seen swimming in the Ocean. Now, it only makes sense that sharks would be seen swimming in the Ocean as that is in fact where they live. The conditions are literally perfect in New Jersey right now for sharks to be about. There is a TON of little fish (silversides) that are around. Chasing them around are the bigger fish, the bluefish. Following the bluefish are the biggest fish, sharks. With that being said. The food chain is occurring literally just off the coast. It is no freak chance that fisherman have started catching sandbar sharks from the beach. They are their every year doing the same thing, chasing bluefish and silversides.

Just three miles off of Sea Girt, a great white shark was tagged just about 2 weeks ago. Much like the sandbar sharks, the great whites in the area hunt the larger bony fish we get here in New Jersey such as bluefish. Every year we also get stingrays here in New Jersey. Rays have been seen swimming in the waters off the coast of New Jersey over the past few days. These rays are much more interested in finding clams and crabs hiding in the sand than trying to sting every human they see. The only way a ray will ever sting a person is if the ray feels it's the last resort.

Despite rays and sharks both being present in New Jersey waters, there have been no shark attacks or ray stings. None of these animals are out to get us. Despite the claims that Hollywood has made, these animals are not our enemies. Every time we enter the Ocean we are stepping into their backyard. Treat their home with respect and treat them with respect and you will be given that same respect. Swim with a bunch of injured bluefish and disrespect the sharks, don't be surprised if you get bit. Step on a ray and disrespect in. Don't be surprised if you get stung. Swim sensibly, don't swim alone, don't swim at dusk or dawn and I can guarantee you, you will not have a negative encounter with a shark.

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