Monday, December 14, 2015

Blog Update!

Hello once again everyone! Nothing really too exciting to talk about in this particular post, but I did want to give you guys a bit of an update on what's going on around here. As you can clearly see I've changed up the layout of the blog. To me it looks a whole lot less dark and dreary and having the ocean in the background well, just suits this blog so well. So that's new. Still a bit of work to do on it, but for the most part it's set. I've also tinkered with the Welcome page a tad so check that out. I'm also looking at working back in more educational blogs. I've got a few in the works highlighting different species of sharks and what not and while I want to keep this blog in the direction it's going with conservation, I also want to get back to some more general educational blogs, in particular about some of the animals that can be found in New Jersey. Perhaps I'll make a series of blogs like that.... Food for thought there...

So the game plan for the new year I can tell you already is to well certainly be more active again and continue to blog about sharks, mantas, dolphins, and whales. One new issue here that I am looking to tackle is Iceland's whaling of Endangered Fin Whales. I may get a blog out about that sooner than the New Year, but with Christmas just around the corner and all other kinds of crazy stuff going on... I can't promise it. I can promise though that this is not the last blog for 2015.

Another new thing that I have in the works is putting together a page on here that will contain a bunch of different videos that I've found to be important, educational, or even just fun to watch. I'm hoping that it will be a page where people can come and view videos, hopefully learn something, and perhaps even get a laugh or two. I'm also going to look around more on Blogger and see what other different things I may be able to add onto this blog.

While my life may be extremely busy now I am still going to find the time to continue to fight for these animals with all I have. Thanks as always to you all for reading and get yourselves ready for an intense new year here as there is a ton of stuff on the way!

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