Saturday, May 3, 2014

Breaking News: Hear Our Voice. We Are Legion

Greetings again everyone. I hope all is well as always. Now, I have a special announcement for you all and an update on the direction of Operation Bleeding Seas II. Last night I heard a rumor that a branch of the hacktivist group, Anonymous was restarting Operation Killing Bay. I can now confirm that rumor. OpKillingBay is officially back and with a new group of anon's, it has the potential to be even more damaging to those who support the killing of dolphins than ever before. With that being said, the game plan for Operation Bleeding Seas II will in fact change.

Up to this point, the operation focused on sharks, manta rays, and the Faroe Island Pilot Whale Slaughter. The Bluefin Tuna blogs have yet to start coming out, but they will. With that being said. The new plan is as follows. I will continue to blog about sharks, manta rays, and bluefin tuna. The Faroe Islands however I will be focusing moreso on Twitter and Facebook as opposed to on here. If anything major comes up with that slaughter I will blog about it, but my primary cetacean focus now shifts back to Taiji alongside Anonymous. As I did with OpKillingBay in the past, I will be promoting the operation and spreading the word about the Taiji dolphin slaughter and those who support it. The last time Anonymous got involved against Taiji, it became the most successful time for any activist in and standing against Taiji's terrible slaughter.

Regardless on what your personal opinions are on hackers, one thing has to be kept in mind. These people have the same passion as us. They have the skills or talent or whatever you want to call it to get into government and business websites and make their voices heard. They are going to be doing this for the same animals that we all are trying to protect as well. So embrace them. Do not dismiss or push them aside as criminals or terrorists. It is high time that Taiji was dealt with and anyway to hurt them and their supporters in their greedy pockets is fine with me.

While the slaughter may not be going on now, Taiji is still alive. The dolphins will only be able to safely swim by for so long before they are again forced to their death or a life in captivity. To top it off, Taiji now is constructing their very own dolphin park. Literally you can swim with and then eat dolphin. Disgusting. The world needs to know about this stuff. When activists and hacktivists put their heads together for a single cause, great things can happen. Last time this happened, Taiji returned to the media and the slaughter was again exposed. This time around let nothing get between us and lets get this thing done! The following is a video (older) for OpKillingBay. After watching it you should completely understand why I am again going to be supporting these people and why the Taiji dolphin horror show needs to be put to rest forever!

So there you have it. Operation Bleeding Seas II fully supports Anonymous's OpKillingBay once again. You can find and join OpKillingBay on Facebook at and on Twitter using the hashtag #Opkillingbay and #Opfunkill. It is time again my fellow activists, conservationists, or whatever you call yourselves to again rise up and take a stand for the dolphins! Operation Bleeding Seas II will now cover Taiji's Dolphin Slaughter and other crimes as well as sharks, manta rays, the Faroe Islands, and bluefin tuna.

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