Sunday, April 27, 2014

Mako Mania Shark Kill Tournament Slated for Late June

Well everyone that time is nearing once again when fisherman from New York, New Jersey, etc will all meet in Point Pleasant Beach New Jersey and embark on an epic journey to kill shortfin mako sharks. What an amazing tournament it looks to be following another year where virtually the only sharks caught were juveniles. Yes this year's Mako Mania looks to be the one where the big one is once again caught! Okay now that I got that sarcasm out of the way.... Yes ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls the Mako Mania Tournament will once again take place this June. Last year I, along with a couple members of a institution that will remain nameless (in case they do not want it mentioned now since the tournament is upcoming again and we may do something again) went to the weigh in of the tournament and took photos, video, and notes on the animals that were being brought in. As a quick review...

None of the sharks brought in were really large at all given the species. Shortfin makos can weigh well over 800lbs and the largest I saw was just 375lbs. There was absolutely no respect for the animals as their bodies were strung up, often times slamming their heads against the docks along the way. There was a wedding that further showed a lack of respect for these animals by doing this... Before you think that this is disrespectful, I did not get the duck face photos or the mocking.

The whole thing took place at Clarks Landing in Point Pleasant Beach. It was a grim sight to say the least, but the photos, videos, and information we obtained has gone a long way in getting people to become aware of this barbaric tournament. At the very least, Point Pleasant should strongly consider changing this tournament to a catch and release tournament. Yes people eat makos, I understand that, but when babies and juveniles are the ones largely being killed, the future of the mako is brought into question. There is no reason that the fisherman can bring these animals up to the boat, get an official length and other stats on the shark, and let it go. Obviously a tournament official or volunteer would need to be on the boat, but who cares? Save a few sharks and still get your thrill.

So when is this tournament going to take place this year? June 21 and 22nd. The weigh in will be at Crystal Point Marina in Point Pleasant. This year I have an idea of things I'd like to do, but time will tell if I'll be able to do what I'd like to do. What is that you ask? I cannot say right now, but it's certainly more than what I did last year. Worst comes to worst I will again venture to the weigh in to photograph, record, and document the tournament weigh in. One way or another. I will be there.

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