Saturday, February 15, 2014

Thank You Anonymous Operation Killing Bay!

Greetings once again to you all. This is the first of what will probably two blogs this evening. This one is short sweet and to the point. I just want to publicly express gratitude towards the hacktivist group Anonymous. If this is your first time reading my blog I want to say that no I am not a hacker and I would not normally agree with the hacking and exposing of people's personal information, but here is why I am totally okay with the things that happened during Operation Killing Bay.

Back in November of 2013, this video surfaced on Youtube.

The group made good on their word. They took a stand for these animals. Each and everyone of the people who hacked into Japanese websites and supporters of Taiji risked their own security to show the world that someone out there was willing to stand up to Japan's dolphin slaughter. The operation gained a very large amount of support on Twitter and became a movement of activists and hacktivists working as one to see the slaughters at Taiji come to a close. Soon after the holidays, the operation had quieted down a bit until Taiji rounded up a superpod of bottlenose dolphins. In response Anonymous launched this video...

Anonymous once again made good on their threats. Sea World's websites were taken offline several times and the town of Taiji's website along with over 1,200 other Japanese websites also shared the same fate. The world's eyes have started to shift back to Taiji. Operation Killing Bay brought in a whole new group of people, some of whom surely had no idea this slaughter was even going on. There is more pressure than ever before for these killings to stop and I do believe that the joint efforts of groups like Sea Shepherd and Anonymous are to thank for that.

Now though, Operation Killing Bay has come to a close. The people who organized and headed the operation have officially moved on and respectfully so. They have decided that right now people are dying and their fight must be 100% focused on human issues. They do love animals. They're proven that and the OpFunKill division of Anonymous will continue to do so, but others simply love humans more. Despite this, the fight is not over. I have seen several Anonymous members stating that they'd like to continue the operation should they be able to gather enough of their fellow members to help out. OpFunKill will continue to fight for the dolphins of Taiji as well as other animals world wide.

So in closing, I would like to say thank you to the members that were the team of Operation Killing Bay. You guys helped to bring awareness back to Taiji and have really aided in the world becoming more aware of this slaughter. To whatever operation you guys are moving on to, continue what you are doing. Do not forgive. Do not forget. Keep up the good fight and hopefully someday down the line our paths in fighting for what's right will cross again.

This concludes my blogging of Operation Killing Bay unless it comes back or is picked up by another group of Anonymous members. This does not conclude my blogging on the Taiji dolphin slaughter. Stay tuned later tonight for a blog about a few different shark topics!  

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