Sunday, December 8, 2013

The Holiday Plan/OpKillingBay Update

Greetings again one and all. This is just a quick plan I have in store for the holiday season as far as this blog is concerned. As far as taking any time away from the blog is concerned, I don't think I will be taking any time off as I have in past years. Reason being that between Anonymous's OpKillingBay and Sea Shepherd's Antarctic Whale Defense Campaign, Operation Relentless, I have severe doubts that there won't be anything to talk about for more than a couple days. So I'll be here through the holiday season for the first time. Since it's a happy time of year and well sadly this is not the happiest of blogs in the world, I will be adding a fun video at the end of each blog for the season. These will of course include the animals that I talk about, but they will be more about just watching these animals do what they do as opposed to the usual butchering and maiming that people do to them.

By the time Christmas roles around, there is a chance that clashes between Sea Shepherd and the Japanese Whaling Fleet in the Southern Ocean would have started, so be sure to check back here for updates on that.

OpKillingBay will be having a second Twitter Storm today at 4:00pm EST, 3:00pm CT, etc etc. If you have a Twitter account, or Facebook for that matter, join in and spread the word using #ShutTaijiDown and #OpKillingBay. It takes all of 30 seconds to send out a tweet that can help save the lives of the dolphins of Taiji. Check here for some sample tweets, but feel free to come up with your own as well!
In other OpKillingBay news. Since December 1st, Anonymous has launched a full scale attack on any website which belongs to any company or organization that supports directly, or indirectly, the killing of dolphins in Taiji. Two such websites were and IMATA's website whose address I cannot remember ( Both sites are back online, but were inaccessible for decent lengths of time. OpKillingBay's targets reach far and wide so anyone who supports the Taiji dolphin slaughter is a target. Personally I am not engaging in these attacks so please do not ask me how to get involved or anything like that because I do not know. All I can tell you is to look around the internet and I'm sure you can figure out how to get hacking if you wanted to do so. Lastly, on December 7th, Anonymous released an open letter to both Sea Shepherd and the Cove Guardians offering an alliance in the fight to have Taiji shut down. To my knowledge there has yet to be a response. If one comes out to the public, you can bet that I'll inform you guys. For now though, the two groups remain as two separate entities fighting for the same cause. To see an end to the killing of dolphins and whales for that matter in Taiji. Until the killing does stop, expect OpKillingBay to continue and for Japan to continue to feel the heat from both Sea Shepherd and Anonymous.

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