Tuesday, June 19, 2012


Welcome to my new blog. This blog will be dedicated to nothing but my efforts at conserving Ocean wildlife.  For those of you who do not know, I try and spread the word about the plight of several different animals. For the most part I work with shark conservation and trying to do my part in ensuring their survival. It's a race against time, that is going to be incredibly close. Another animal that I try and spread the word about is the plight of dolphins, mostly in Japan, but in other parts of the world as well. I also try to spread the word on the plight of whales in the Southern Ocean. Of course the main culprit in that plight would once again be Japan. To a lesser extent I talk about seals and bluefin tuna. My newest thing though has been the plight of Manta and Mobula rays.

Of course, my views are my own and all I ask is for respect. If you don't like my views, simply click that little x in a box on the upper right hand of your screen. If you would like to debate my views, by all mean comment below a post and we can have an intelligent debate. I'm not one for mudslinging on the internet, but I will be more than willing to discuss things if you want to.

So with that stuff being said... Welcome to my new blog and welcome to my summer conservation campaign Operation Bleeding Seas. This campaign will focus largely on manta rays, mobula rays, and sharks, but will also contain posts on the other animals I fight for as well.

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